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an arabic/muslim name, normaly a family name/last name, orginatated from Yemen, or Iraq as the Hamdanid tribe that helped the prophet Mohammad battle.Also, the Hamdanids rled Iraq, and were mighty warriors

Hamdans are known as warriors, and never give up, always do their best, and are determined to win.

Having the last name Hamdan also pretty much insures that you will be pulled over at the airport and

Alot of Hamdans are in Lebanon (such as myself) and the name is mostly known as a shia muslim name not sunni.
"DAMN! look at Nadia Hamdan, she's such an intense soccer/lacrosse player. She only plays to win at any cost."
by Nadia Hamdan November 10, 2007
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A beast, one who is a fatty but will make u say daddy ;) a natural at basketball and football, is large under the belt and just a pure beast extremely funny and cool as well as a goon
He only wished to be at level Hamdan on the beast scale
by Hamdanisgood October 17, 2011

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