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Ham Shank, wank. Rhyming slang for masterbation.
"I was so bored I had a Ham Shank"
by Dirty Sanchez November 14, 2003
A thoroughly enjoyable pasttime which only requires one hand. To beat the meat. Bash the bishop. Abuse the one eyed trouser snake
The bitch had a headache again so i had to have a quick hamshank over Kirsty Young.
by Rutters August 14, 2003
a hamshank is a british or just an H slang word for a wank
i had a hamshank last night
by Im H and im me October 02, 2011
An extremely sexy and intelligent person.
The Hamshank was superior to Cereal Killer
by Hamshank December 27, 2008
originally a word for a JOINT of ham... used to describe a rather large jimmy.
"thats a tasty hamshank"
by Jenibean November 23, 2006