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Describes a woman's Vagina - that "looks like" a Wallet made of Ham - especially when shaved
Darren ordered a Shaved Ham Wallet with a side order of Sun Dried Tomatoes - with no Mayo
by Tubby Tockley September 05, 2006
Nickname for a youthful, well kept vagina.
See Also: Bearded Clam, Lincoln Tunnel, Vagina.
Mike: Jenny?
Jenny: Yeah Mike?
Mike: I was thinking about melting your fucking face off by rocking your ham wallet for six hours, what do you think?
Jenny: Sounds righteous, can Dana come?
Mike: Fat Dana, or your sister Dana?
Jenny: No, my sister.
Mike: Yeah she can, tell her to put some cash in her hamwallet and I'll dig it out for her as well!
by Michael Daflos April 04, 2005
A women's vagina. First heard from the BloodHound Gang's recent single, Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo (F*CK).
Hey Dylan, order the Ham Wallet for lunch; It's really good. (Tom and Joe laughing because he is about to order a Vagina)
by Tom Kuhns November 18, 2005
1.A slang word for a vagina
Her hamwallet sure can fit alot in.
I put my ham in her hamwallet
by itsmethekidyouhate May 10, 2006
Slang term for vagina
Last night I put my meat-rocket into her ham wallet
by B to the ill July 28, 2008
a ham wallet is a slag word for a womens vagina. it is called a ham wallet because the vagina looks very much like the contents of a ham sandwhich
your mams mitt looks like a ham wallet
by Darren Jason Pearce November 04, 2008
A crude term for the female sexual organ, mor commonly known as 'A VAGINA'.
Dude, her ham wallet had herpes sores on it!
by Juan Carlitos April 18, 2007