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One who plays Halo2 so much they lose desire for human sex.
My boy friend dumped me becaue hes became Halosexual...
by TheSoapShow December 18, 2004
Some One Who Only Thinks,Talks,Dreams About The Video Game Franchise Halo.....
Billy Does Not Like Girls Or Boys He Loves Master Chief.. Therefore He Is A Halo Sexual..
by Nash Moreno October 14, 2007
1. Someone that has been playing Halo and Halo 2 so long that they begin to think that cortana is hot.

2. Me.
Dude, Cortana is so hott!
No dude, she isn't.
by VOCOR_GAMING_SYSTEM January 24, 2005
Halo-lovers who threaten to kill each other on Xbox-live instead of duking it out in person. They always refer to each other by their profile names even in real life.
"What? Are you gonna threaten to kill me online? halosexual..."
by Barg January 28, 2006
someone who is heterosexual in the real world, yet falls in love with members of the same sex when playing Halo 2.
oh moonrock dude, you are sooooooo awesome with that Battle Rifle dude, that is sooooo sweet, dude we need to play with each other more often, dude I’m getting a boner from your mad skillz, OMG dude I think I'm becoming Halosexual! wtf dude??
by LegendaryBart July 28, 2006

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