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(n) Quickly yet discretely hiding one's erection by slightly pulling the waist of his pants away from himself, swinging the boner in an upward position, then letting the waist of the pants hold it snug against his body.

WARNINGS and GUIDELINES: This is more of an art than a science and may require pracice for some. Up-tucks are best done when pretending to tie one's shoes or something of that nature; however,if a boner occurs while sitting down amongst friends, do the following: pretend you are trying to get more comfortable in the chair, your shirt is "bothering" you so you pull it around to make it feel better, while your hands are in the front do the uptuck (underneath the shirt!) then quickly move your hands to the back of your pants to pull them up a little ("they were sagging down too much").
Always make sure you are wearing a shirt or at least boxers. If you have no boxers but do have a shirt, make sure the shirt long and is never lifted up above the waist of your paints.
"I would've been so embarashed if I didn't know about the up-tuck on my first date!"
by Barg January 28, 2006
Halo-lovers who threaten to kill each other on Xbox-live instead of duking it out in person. They always refer to each other by their profile names even in real life.
"What? Are you gonna threaten to kill me online?....you halosexual..."
by Barg January 28, 2006
(adj) extreme, out of this world; stronger/crazier version of "awesome"; makes your head spin but you like it
"That band is so torpid!"
by Barg January 28, 2006

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