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One who plays Halo2 so much they lose desire for human sex.
My boy friend dumped me becaue hes became Halosexual...
by TheSoapShow December 18, 2004
To blow your load from being sexual pleased.
...that was some wack head but at least i got my Jolly's off.
by TheSoapShow December 18, 2004
To receiving a hand job that results in getting your Jolly's off.
Even though Alf has become halosexual, he gladly received a handy man from Nancy while playing Halo2.
by TheSoapShow December 19, 2004
Function: adjective, 1 : lacking mental strength: as a; deficiency in the spinal unit that creates physical vigor which results in being as FEEBLE as possible in a time when having balls is required. 2: Not able to sustain or exert much weight, pressure, or strain in the weight room, not able to take external force or withstand verbal attack.
"... we could have used Bob in the fight, but he just turned into a jelly fish before our very eyes."
by TheSoapShow December 19, 2004
Adjective, Describing a person who society lacks all respect for, while failing to reach acceptable standard personal dignity. Etymology: Middle English, somewhere in Mid-Town.
"...of course we won, everyone at the rec. center is urine
by TheSoapShow December 19, 2004

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