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Having a lot of laughs. Made famous by Michigan assistant basketball coach Bacari Alexander through his twitter posts. Often used to end or begin a sentence that contains something humorous.
Halol, you just got dunked on hard.
That guy just made a fool of himself, halol.
by TheMichiganDifference August 09, 2011
A happy laugh out loud, either because of your extreme joy at a situation, a lot of fortunate turns of events leading to happiness. Can be used ironically.
Alex: I just pre-ordered black ops, HALOL.
Caitlin: HALOL, the funniest thing just happened at church!
by CATHY&WHOPPA November 05, 2010
Abbreviation of Halal and Lol, when someone says something actually quite funny but that goes against there religion.
Girl: Shit dude my headscarf fell off!!!! I think the white chick over there saw me,

Mate: I hope she did, serious Halol
by BIGwillyHAWK May 26, 2010
One more step above even the lolocalypse, (although the lolocolypse need not occur for Halol to take place).

Halol is when something is so incredibly funny, it wipes the galaxy clean of all sentient life. Only the Giggl'ns of the planet Roffal are known to have attempted to achieve Halol.

The word can also be spelled Halawl, simple for annunciation purposes.
Those damn Giggl'ns. If they achieve Halol, I'm gonna' be pissed!
by Quacker1 January 28, 2008
A city in the Indian state of Gujarat.

Also a good way to greet friends.
Guy 1: Hey

Guy 2: Halol

by Arthman August 16, 2008
Its an attempt to make one of the many messenger-ing shortcut words.
Was created from haha and lol to make Halol.
Bill: Whats up?
Ben: The roof
Bill: Halol
by Callan Rings July 21, 2006
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