Annual holiday most common in the US, when children go door-to-door in costumes hoping to recieve candy.
I can't wait to go trick-or-treating this Halloween.
by Tremor October 28, 2003
A holiday in October where men dress up, and women dress down.
Classic Halloween examples include women dressing up like animals, nurses and "bad cops" while men dawn robes of the clergy.
by nethcev! August 24, 2006
A weird holiday that wizard-type dudes invented hundreds of years ago. It used to have some meaning, but now it's just about extortion and Unicef. Good way to get candy, though!
"Alright, boys, it's Halloween night. What're we gonna do?"
by Jonah Rowley November 06, 2004

A holiday where little kids dress up as a cowboy, or a fairy princess to get free candy. When you get older, you dress up as a sexy________ and get old guys hard and get away with it (the rest of the 364 days you dressed up liked that your mother would yell at you) If your 21+ you get wasted and wrap trees with paper towels
For halloween I'm going to dress up as a sexy bunny then go to old man jenkins house then drink vodka and cause a scene
by Elmo Homo October 26, 2006
A holiday that has become a comercial event, particularly to candy companies. Originally called All Hallow's eve, when all of the "saints" rose from the grave and roamed the earth in preperation for All Saints Day on November 1stm
by Anonymous October 31, 2003
A Christian Holiday held on the 31st of October in remembrance of the occasion Jesus dressed up in a sheet and went begging for sweets.
"It's Halloween. Time for some thinly veiled begging."
by Johnny Kayoss December 25, 2007
Halloween was originally a pagan Irish holy festival. When Ireland converted to Roman Catholicism, the Church gave Halloween a Christian connotation.
Halloween is now an excuse for children to dress up and beg for candy!
by Silky Smooth October 28, 2003
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