The one day of the year you can beg strangers for food and not get told to fuck off. As long as you're dressed up like a ghost/the devil/transvestite.
Yes we in the West are quite normal,thank you.
"I love Halloween!"
Children,drunk and horny teenagers,liberal parents,devil worshippers,goths and overweight paedophiles all LOVE Halloween.
by bandanasarerad October 30, 2006
the one day dick cheney doesn't have to wear a costume and can just walk around in his natural state, as the devil
dick cheney, impersinating the devil 364 days a year, thankfully he gets to roam the earth in with his natural apperance as the antichrist on halloween
by Paul S. W. November 08, 2006
A holiday, which if you have any exposure to any media whatsoever, you will know is deeply stepped in Pagan tradition in which the day before blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
During the month of October, everything I read from the back of cereal boxes to Arts/Living newspaper features to magazine articles, to urban dictionary definitions by know-it-all 15 year olds told the story of the origin of Halloween. Who cares? Just give me my candy, dammit!
by Jakestar December 30, 2005
One of the greatest holidays of all time. Children don disguises and travel to the houses of strangers to receive sugary goods by reciting the ancient enchantment "Trick or treat." Also an excellent night for teenage mishief.
Halloween is a night of free candy. How can you go wrong?
by Psas October 30, 2009
Pagen holiday for celebration of nature and spirits/energy that Catholic's adapted and renamed "Eve of All Saint's Day" or "Hallowed Eve" (becoming "Halloween"). On this day - October 31st - people are encouraged to dress up and "trick ot treat" to fool the spirits that roam the earth.
Halloween is my favorite holiday.

I'm going to dress-up as a cat or Madonna for Halloween.

Are you going to the Halloween party at Karen's house?
by Karen Harley October 28, 2003
A holiday much like Spain's Day of the Dead. Everyone dresses up in costumes and little kids go around their neighboorhood trick-or-treating for candy. Pumpkins are carved and spooky decorations are set up.
In the spirit of halloween people decorate their house with spooky adornments (ie spiderwebs), but at my house we celebrate my birthday!!!! Go Halloween Babies!!
by kewldudette October 28, 2003
John Carpenter's best movie.
"I saw 'Halloween' when I was a kid. Scared the piss outta' me, man."
by Emma October 27, 2003
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