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Slang for half-Asian and half-Caucasian
Person 1: "What did he look like?"
Person 2: "I think he's a halfer."
by julie bing February 17, 2005
Some one who has had oral sex but is still a vaginal virgin
She only sucked your dick, haha Alan your a halfer.
by ARZEBBY January 18, 2010
Half a Oz of Marijuana / £80 / 14 grams
You picking up today?
Yeah im buying halfers after school!
by Deckmaster171 December 16, 2005
In terms of consuming alcohol; a halfer. Someone who can't handle the sesh.
First Guy: "Hey, second guy, do you know a girl called Rachel?"
Second Guy: "Ah yeah, the halfer?"
First Guy: "Yeah, that's the one."
by thisismakuch December 28, 2013
A word used by a guy when he is too cheap to pay for the date he asked you out on.
"Hey babe, I didn't expect the bill to be this much ( after you already ordered and ate) wanna go "HALF-ERS"?
by DatedACheapskate October 20, 2009
a blow job that ends in a hand job
All i got last night was a halfer.
by hooker9 September 01, 2009
When you are sexually excited and produce a half hard dick.
I get a halfer everytime I think about going stalefish.
by Huskyoff April 01, 2005
A form of late-night, drunken intercourse where the penis does not fully penetrate the vaginal cavity. This is usually is the result of a girl's last minute decision to discontinue intercourse.
Me: Sara, did you you sleep with Chad last night?
Sara: No...not really...I mean, I was going to, but then I felt like throwing up cause I was SO wasted. So it was just a halfer.
by Sororislut December 10, 2008

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