1: A nickname shortened from Halferbrain
2: To take the piss out of some1 that trys 2 act cool
1: Alrite Halfer
2: What a complete and utter Halfer
by Halferbrain! May 10, 2009
One who typically ejoys the best from both worlds, swings both ways, like boys and girls half and half
Even though Jake has a girlfriend.
He is a halfer and has interest in boys aswell.
by icequeen December 08, 2007
Half of a house brick. Ideal size and wieght for throwing during riots at strategic points around Belfast. Their natural habitat is interface ares where they grow in abundance.
Gissa a halfer will yee, ol' chap, so I can lob it in the general direction of the police?
by best mate nate January 07, 2005
n. A bisexual (half homo, half hetero)
Sure he's got a girlfriend, but I think he's a halfer.
by lazymofo February 04, 2006
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