"Halfway" is an Irish-American holiday, short for "Halfway to St. Patrick's Day." It is celebrated annually on September 17. It can also be celebrated as Halfway to Unofficial. It is most often celebrated where there are high concentrations of Irish-Americans, such as Illinois, Ohio, and Minnesota, but Celtic clubs and pubs in other states are continuing the trend by hosting 5k runs, barcrawls, or Irish music concerts.
It's 6 months away
To the most glorious day
The glass isn't half full
by lucyhalfway September 07, 2010
Top Definition
The act of doing something so retarded with out you being diagnosed as mentally disabled.

The act of doing something only partially (half-way) to make it seem like you are a mentally challenged.

A nicer way of calling someone a retard.
One day we were walking up to a store and someone tried to open the door and when they went to walk in first they walked right into the door and all we could think of is "He must be half-way or something."
by The Newsties420 September 27, 2009
using half a hand and only know by one girl in atco nj.
ashley did kyle half way in her mothers bed while eating crackers and petting a cat named mittens!
by kyle newcomb April 03, 2008
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