Usually a half ounce of chronic that sells for $150. Sometimes it may be a half pound which usually runs about 1.8 g's. A dealer would usually make fifty bux off the half ounce if he sells it at a fair price, that is 50 an eighth. But if you got no scrilla a half might be a half eighth... haha sux for u
Yo man you got word on that half yet?

Hey man I just got that half time to get on my slang.
by half on a sack December 26, 2005
Top Definition
approx. 1/2 of an ounce of marijuana.
yo, let me get a half.
by m.nine October 28, 2003
To split the cost of something.
"Wanna go halves on a dubsack?"
"Wanna go halves on a pie?(pizza)"
"Wanna go halves on a carton?"
"Wanna go halves on an eightball?"
"Wanna go halves on an ounce?"
"Wanna go halves on your girl? I get anal this time bitch, and I'm not using a condom."
by Tuan_916 February 06, 2006
To share in the responsibility for. For instance, the cost of a purchase, or the care of an thing of value, such as a relationship.
We both need to get to Tahoe. If we ride together, we can go halves on the gas.

Sweetheart, it's time we made it official: let's go halves on life.
by browseth December 30, 2008
its a half an ounce of bud, or 14 grams. usually sells for $150, just make sure you dont get caught with that shit or itll become a federal case and youll get screwed for distribution, otherwise its a good deal cuz your practically payin $10 a dub, allowing you to make $280 on it
Nick just comped a half ounce that hes gonna sell to buy an ounce.
by brandon March 04, 2005
Half: another way of saying a half ounce of dro
Yo nigga..lemme pick up a half
Yo many of dem dead presidenets for a half?
by matty guns November 05, 2003
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