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5 definitions by Solo

The unofficial name of Dallas Cowboy's mascot "Rowdy".
Look at Asswhip down there on the sidelines. Bill Parcells should kick his ass.
by solo April 09, 2004
33 24
1) Noun. A person that is a member of a very tight community

Matrixian, Winman, WM
2) oppisite of lorkan
1) Yeah, Jatin is a WinMatrixian, right from the get go.

2) All Matrixians know that you should never Lork.
by Solo December 10, 2004
6 4
same as the Seibert, only the female performs the act with one or more Altoids in her mouth
The Seibert was awesome, but the cool tingle provided by the Altoid Seibert added a whole new dimension.
by Solo February 15, 2004
1 6
Tiny Raskal Gang Killer.
Stomping on a roach.
by Solo December 01, 2004
23 47
Less than a...; Less worthy than a...
Half a punk! Half a fag! Half a man!
by Solo August 20, 2003
12 57