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The ultimate God, and prime good of the universe. It is he who set in motions the nuances existence, and shared his powers across a wide lineage of successors. His power is fabled to be all-encompassing, and his morality pure, which is why many have come to call him the "Warrior-King," "Judge," and "Lord of Justice." In Classical art, he is depicted with a large scythe held and supported by one hand, and a book denoting his judged foes in the other, while many Renaissance arts omit the book, some showing it instead strapped to his waist. It is told that he has been in absence of the world, leaving his creation in the hands of his successors. But prophecy foresees his eventual return to the world, where he will once again take it upon himself to protect the innocent, and judge the unworthy.
"What the Halestromn!?"
"Oh my Halestromn, are you serious?!"
"lol hale pls"
by ShadowPen August 29, 2013

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