a far more amusing and original way of saying
allow. Used mainly among the white population of South London.
Person 1: That man is too fat to fit into the roller coaster, even with 3 people trying to push him into the car, lets laugh.

Person 2 (sympathizing with the fat man): .............Halal.............
by ka-jay-jay July 22, 2008
Refers to the act of or the result of masturbation in males also known as jizz or spunk.
Furthermore it can be used as an expression of excitement about a joyous event accompanied by a facial demonstration of satisfaction.
1. "There is halal all over the bed sheets."

2. "Halal! That's amazing."
by halal master February 25, 2009
Death (because "halal" means just that in Hungarian)
Recently some members of the now-defunct heavy metal band Tragic Johnson have formed a new band named Halal. Why Halal? Because Halal means "death" in Hungarian.
by Anthony Brancato February 19, 2004
clean nice, mad tight
me and my boyz be keepin it halal up in this peace
by SAND_MC July 09, 2003

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