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1) means God's grace in korean
2) beautiful inside and out
3) the name just rolls off your tongue
4) classy, rich, seductive, hard to get, mysterious, and pretty
5) the ideal girl
boy: Hey Haeun! How can you be so classy, seductive, mysterious, and pretty all at the same time?
Haeun: It's all thanks to God's grace duhh
girl: oh darn, I wish I was named Haeun...
by thegirlwiththecarol June 14, 2011
n. 1. An honorary title given to an amazing person who is the goddess of hotness, intelligence, beauty, ingenuity, and long hair.
2. A slang term used for any Asian girl who is too good to be true.
A: She is such a Haeun. I mean, she is amaze.ng and pretty and smart.
B: Can't forget the really long, sexy hair.
by Alphaturtle May 20, 2011