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A projectile movement in Street Fighter originally performed by Ryu and Ken. Can be done by pressing down, down-forward, forward plus any punch
"He's almost dead...just do a Haduken!"
by skamfull January 06, 2006
The wrong way to spell/say Hadouken (Hadoken). The ou is a long o sound in japanese.
Friend one: HADUKEN!!!!

Friend two: Dude, it's pronounced HADOUKEN!!!!
by OtakuBiscuit August 06, 2014
The act of inserting one fist into a woman's vagina and the other fist into her anus.
I can't believe she let me haduken her...twice.
by Mr. Machine77 December 09, 2010
A form of expression, signaling a sudden great force, like a push or a blast of pure energy. =D. Original form, second for is plugen created solely by Katoosh and posted onto urban dictionary.
"haduken!!!!!" *pushes friend to ground*
by Katoosh July 08, 2009
The ever so clever name of my BONG...
Also a supremely powerful chi blast....
"I've had a bad day, I guess I'll HADUKEN my worries away"...
Or "Don't talk shit, or I'll Haduken your face off"
by Derek Jensen April 18, 2008
To expell gas from your posterior in a clasping/throwing motion into another persons general vacinity. Used in conjunction with saying the word "Haduken!!" simultaneously. Additional emotion can be added to the act by saying "Rat-ta-tuken" instead of solely "Haduken!!"
Billy Hadukened his friends the other day and they did not appreciate the smell!
by James Callahan November 13, 2006
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