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A town in NJ where drivers are slow as fuck.
Did you see those haddonfield drivers? They made me late to work!
by JHan216 July 21, 2008
230 191
The best little suburban town south jersey has to offer. if you don't agree, then you just need to realize, that yes, we know we're better than you, and no, you'll never beat us.
Wow, their sports teams won every championship this year, they pulled a haddonfield
by Jersey's Hero May 04, 2006
490 403
A town in Southern New Jersey. Where the people are better than everyone else. They win everything and all succeed and go to colleges. All the kids smoke that dank sour halloween haze and drink harder than any other town. AND we still are better than you. Sip that purp all day smoke that diesel and get that money. 98.5 percent of the town blows that dank and the other 2.5 get that collingswood brown shit.
"damn you just drank a bottle of vodka and a 30, you must be from Haddonfield."
by Honor Student 420 September 20, 2009
167 134
an amazing town that yeah is really good at sports. not all of us are rich only a few. all of other peoples stereotypes are wrong and messed up. the definitions that say bad stuff happened maybe once in a lifetime and are all written by jealous annoying people from other towns so yeah Haddonfield is awesome and rocks everyones socks.
-uhh chahhh...
-oh yeah i know that place.. it rocks and so does everyone in it! i wish i lived there
-i know everyone does
by coolhaddonfieldkid March 15, 2011
69 42
A really small white small suburban town in southern new jersey, 5-10 minutes from philadelphia. A good place to raise a family, but be careful because you're kids will end up becoming drama king and queens if your stupid. It is run by a corrupt mayor and cops that really don't want to fight crime. They just want to bust small high school parties that suck anyway. The high school is very good but full of small minded people. Good place to grow up, but get the fuck out as soon as you can because you will end up staying here your whole life, paying high taxes for nothing. Haddonfield sucks.
You're from Haddonfield? Damn that sucks, you're out of touch with the real world.
by PunkRock May 13, 2013
12 6
A suberb of Camden. These rich snobs are known for throwing wild parties where the main attraction is peeing in supersoakers and squirting them on the wall and pooping on pianos.
Guy 1# what do u wanna do?
Guy 2# I feel like popping on a piano
Guy 1# Then lets go to haddonfield
by Ryanlikesmen June 26, 2009
126 143
A really rich, really white town in New Jersey also referred to as Haddonfraud. They kick people out of high school here in April of their senior year for small amounts of weed because they are scared that their already alcoholic children will be turned on to "harder drugs". Most kids in this town have never ridden a bus, been in a cab, been anywhere in Philadelphia besides South St. or Jetro parking lot (although they talk about how well they know philly all day), or left their sheltered bubble world.

All the money here is spent on covering up Tish Columbi's kids' messes and paying the 6 or 8 cops in this town to drive around and block off streets whenever there is a physical altercation.

Yeah I'm resentful...sue me. Oh shit if you're from Haddonfield you probably will.
Haddonfielder: I love Haddonfield! Yeahh brahhh were totes the best at everything bro!

Everyone else: Haddonfield? Wheres that?

Haddonfielder: You've never heard of it!!!11!!11!1 OMG ROFLZ its only like the BEST town in South JERSEY!!!!111!!1 2.2 miles of pure unadulterated Bromance and natty light!

Everyone else: Jersey sucks and I hope your first born child experiences SIDS

Haddonfielder: BROOO! thats so messed up dood! Im gonna go home to my $5 million dollar home and blog about it.
by WhoTheFuckDoYouThink215AllDay November 07, 2010
44 74