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A male drama queen. A male member of the human species who cannot control his emotions and otherwise goes out of control in on an emotional outrage.
I wish he weren't such a drama king!

He's seriously acting like SUCH a drama king, Gosh.
by Prankmaster May 26, 2005
any male that makes a big deal over a nonissue.
also any male that never shuts up and always has to be the center of attention.

see narcissist
David is such a drama king!

Hey, drama king, the complaint department is closed!
by sexykay April 08, 2008
A self-consumed man who likes to stir up drama. For instance: He might like to cause cat fights between two women for the pleasure derived from seeing two women fight over him.
Unlike a Drama Queen (be it a male or female one) who overreacts over anything, a Drama King enjoys drawing these traits out in those around him. Especially if it can draw more attention to himself.
Those girls are screaming at each other! And Look at the drama king. He is just eating this up.
by damaje July 01, 2008
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