(n.) One who lingers around college residence halls with the sole intention of learning residents' names so that he may facebook friend them because he has few friends in real life; a foul penis stench

(v.) To facebook friend someone within minutes after meeting them for the first time at a college residence hall
Neff really pulled a Haddad when he friended that lesbian he met at the study lounge and asked if she knew of anything going on later.
by ScottHouseRep. November 13, 2009
Top Definition
A gay man who is obsessed with giving head to bi/transexuals.
Look at that Haddad sucking dick!!!
Damn Haddad is good at sucking penis!!!
by Jesus1001 February 03, 2015
A cool cat who always wears a black hat.
"I love Haddad because he's a cool cat who always wears a black hat"

"I love Haddad more than cool cats AND black hats"
by caitttttttmulberry August 08, 2008
Behaviour that is legitimate or valid.
"Andy Murray just won Wimbledon"
"Completely Haddad"

"Got arrested for drink driving last night"
by FTB12345 July 07, 2013
1. (v.) To turn a girl on, accidentally.
1. Things usually go badly with Candice, but hopefully I'll haddad her or something.
by Bernard Shakey April 24, 2010
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