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This is the act of accusing someone of hackin in a online game without solid proof.
Meaning that you have jumped to a conclusion about someone "hacking" or "cheating"
"so and so is hacking please kick them from server."

"do you have a demo of proof??"

"no i just know tha he isn't a legit player"

by mattymontana November 17, 2004
When playing a multiplayer game (online or offline.) and someone accuses you of hacking when you clearly didn't.
"I killed this guy 4 times in a row and he started throwing hackusations at me."

by RV9000 August 02, 2008
Accusing of somebody hacking in a multiplayer video game with out proof.
Counter-Strike Global Offensive
Player: That dude just shot two people through a wall! He's a total hacker!
Me: Hey! No Hack-u-sations! Maybe he got lucky.
by Luna The Scarf Wearing Pony October 12, 2015
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