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haberdouchery |ˈhabərˌdou ch ərē|
noun ( pl. -eries)
1. The act of conducting oneself in a douche-like manner inside a habdershery
Stop this haberdouchery at once! I will not tolerate this haberdouchery inside my haberdashery!!

I've heard them fellows got into trouble Haberdouchering over at old mr. Marcus' haberdashery
by Moreybear September 16, 2009
Any place that caters to, supplies, or attracts a large number of douchebags.

(same: Habadouchery)
1. Don't go to that bar, it's a real haberdouchery.

2. Nice silk shirt, you snag that at the haberdouchery?
by UnnecessaryUmlaut August 28, 2009
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