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The name of a small Mexican. He tends to have a large beard and ride around on a donkey named Esmerelda. He enjoys the caressing of his nip-nips. When provoked, a wild Habbas may throw burritos, however, if cornered into a deep and meaningful conversation, he will run away with his tail between his legs. His male friends are usually there for the benefits of Esmerelda and not the Habbas. However his female friends are only there for the burritos and the ritual nip-nip caressing.
That guy is about 4 foot tall. He must be Habbas.

Wow dude that guy totally loves monkies. He must be Habbas.

He's got a finnnneeee Esmerelda. He must be a Habbas

He can't be Habbas, he doesn't have an Esmerelda.
by WH3000 January 14, 2014
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