1. an extraneous and outrageous monetary charge

Pronounced hi'-fee
Bank Teller: Your account was assessed a $50 fee for your 7th bounced check.

by sea_urchin January 09, 2006
San Francisco's version of "Crunk," popularized in the Dirty South. Hyphy is actually quite ridiculous and will never attract nearly the amount of attention that crunk music has rightfully received. Anyone that acts "hyphy" or listens to this pathetic music shall be lynched effectively.
Hyphy music really sucks and E-40 sucks as a rapper.
by mac gay March 23, 2006
someone that get in yo face and talk hella shit and attract an crowd.
a that girl was getting hyphy
by mela May 28, 2005
West cost (SF-Bay area) slang meaning, sick, ill.
That switch was hyphy
by Sonicphreak April 02, 2005
Although believed to have originated in the Bay Area, it really started in the Bellevue area of Santa Cruz.
Hyphy came from the Bay Area... Monterey Bay area.
by Oat April 06, 2005

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