a crazy jersey dude-guy dick. gets overzealous when playing intermural sports. makes fun of freshman for no reason. needs to put a shirt on.
Dude 1: dude! you missed that rebound!what the fuck?!?! i'm gonna fucking pop a cap in your ass then throw the body in the river!

Dude 2: dude. . . calm down, stop being such a hutch.
by hotfrosh October 11, 2009
to tape an ounce of weed to the area between ones balls and ass hole
hutch that shit the cops are coming
by red dick this hurts June 26, 2009
adjusting ones jock strap
"He can go in circles, kick, run, jump, and hutch."
by noixz January 14, 2009
the crevice on either side of the ball sack where the sack connects to the leg.
"stop itching your dick in public! it's repulsive."
"i'm not itching my dick, i'm itching my hutch..."
by timmy pj September 02, 2008
To gather logistics information about a potential thievery spot by sneakily lingering around it.
Some fool was hutchin' around my pad.
by bob nobbs July 31, 2005
An idiot. Usually blond(e).
"Dude, Dani's a hutch."
by D June 21, 2004
A Small, angry asian who lives in the hills above populated areas. often known as "crazy asian" "Hamalatuuti"
There!, Its the hutch!!!
by Des Maruuti October 16, 2006

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