Slang term for "home" or "my house". Origins come from German roots since the 1980's, Then became very popular within italian culture. Alternative ways to say it might be, "Hit the hutch" which means "go home".
"Look at the time, I've got to hit the Hutch!"
"Everyone's hitting the hutch, because the party's over."
by Smiata May 12, 2012
A person with an uncontrollable addiction to bum, without nourishment of the bum variety they revert to a primal state. They love bum more than anything else and their sole mission in life is the ongoing search for bum
Hutch loves bum

"Did you see that Hutch?"
"Yeah, she had a face full of bum"
"What a Hutch!"

"How much does Hutch love bum?"
"It doesn't even bear thinking about!"
by Dr Bumchinson February 22, 2010
The skin above the clit
Pulling back her hutch to expose her clit
by FOMD August 19, 2013
An internet figure from Maine who engagements in long-winded rants about hockey. Often times they reference Louisville or Tamer Afr. Comments rarely stay on topic, with multiple people, teams, and leagues used to describe a common topic.
Joe - "I think Hartford should have an NHL team because Quad City had an AHL team who moved from Omaha which was then in Abbotsford, not unlike Louisville.
Todd - "Wow, you pulled a Hutch!
by Out in left field July 31, 2012
A overpriced bicycle company that started out in the early 1980's making 20 & 24 inch bicycles, race and freestyle products. Based out of Baltamore, MD. The company went belly up in the late 80's and was never heard again.
Hey I bought a Hutch Trickstar on ebay for 100 bones!!!
by Toby Fresh. Diegotown Ca. August 04, 2004
usually a white male that will habitually masturbate and ejaculate into his hand and wipe on the side of his bed. most likely has a girlfriend that he met online and has abnormally large ears
Friend - "Yo Hutch whatre you doing?"
Hutch - "Trying to sleep man" (when actually skyping his online girlfriend and jerking it)
by the man 1234 July 02, 2013
to tape an ounce of weed to the area between ones balls and ass hole
hutch that shit the cops are coming
by red dick this hurts June 26, 2009

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