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(Hun-gree MUN-kee) noun. The mental condition one experiences when one really needs to compulsively indulge in an unhealthy activity that generally included the insertion of something into one of one’s cavities- from stem to stern. It could be food, drugs, sex, or even gambling. The individual with the condition is unable to cover it up and/or keep it a secret any longer for it has begun to manifest itself through blatantly obvious behaviors, although they imagine that no one knows of their affliction.
Jake- “You know Iris, I was thinking dear…”
Iris- “Yes Jake darling , what is it?’
Jake- “As I am confined to this bed I’ve been thinking…why don’t you take some time and head off for a few auditions today Iris. I saw several lounges seeking singers on a part time basis and they were in decent clubs near the Theatre District. I’ll be ok for a few hours.”
Iris- “Oh Jake, You are a wonderful man and I’m glad we married. How sweet of you to notice that I had the hungry monkey to feed...needing to be back in the spotlight.”
by Neddy_Ludd March 24, 2006
When you and your partner (male or female) proceed to shit in eachothers hands and eat it whilst having intercourse.
Dude after that party james and i hungry monkeyed. i should never have let him eat so much corn.
by greven mead July 04, 2009
When 1 chick sucks two cocks one after the other but holding both cocks in her hands
Karen went the hungry monkey on me and my mate lastnight
by Dave818 February 21, 2009
Take a banana and stick it half way up a chick's ass. Peel half way then eat half of it. Pull it out jerk off and cum on the dirty half then shove it in her mouth
She loves the Hungry Monkey
by B.A December 02, 2003
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