Hit The Bed
Mariam: Dude i'm soo tired
Haytham: htb
by nightwalker2fly June 13, 2011
Hott tatted bitch:
Usually associated with girls who roll in packs of 3 or more and are smoking hott. They have bangin bodies like you cannot imagine and are always inked to the max. Rarely ever not at the gym or in a party scene, they are defiently elite in the social class. Also are some of the sweetest chicks you'll ever meet
Damn did you see those HTB killing it on the ab machine?

Dude yeah, the HTBs are hella fine I saw them the other night at a party toking it up

The HTB gang are social queens in Tucson

hott tatted babes gangaffiliated royalty bangingbody
by TheRoyale March 27, 2013
Hit That Booty: used to confirm to a "homie" that you had sexual relations with a woman.
I went to Sandra's house last night and HTB
by demonicboar November 04, 2007
noun; refers to a female with a nasty attitude who displays prostitute or slut-like qualities.
If you want a one night stand get a HTB.

by D P Clark May 12, 2008
go show ur game to a girl
damn she fine bust ur HTB
by r3y March 18, 2007
Huge-Titted-Bitch, larger version of BTB Breast size should be at least a D to qualify.
That HTB's got the best rack in school, look at'em. DAMN!
by MoneyDollars April 18, 2004
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