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refers to a wise man that may be considered a legend, as the powers behind possessed by this man are so enormous that it cannot be easily believed to be true

Name transformed to Heeso in later stages for easier foreign pronunciations
"You are so Haytham, you are invincible"
"Oh my god it is Haytham, run as fast as you can."
"If you need to know something check Heesopedia "
"Haytham geh,,, aiwa geh…"
by thegreatH February 04, 2010
A guy who can be cool but can make jokes that no one understands that aren't funny. He is a guy who is good at basketball but is terrible at being a point guard. And also his brother is cooler than him. HE IS DEFINITELY NOT A CALEB. haha
Haytham is cool
by randomer caled ... November 29, 2011
Haytham is a sexy guy who's good looking and is very trustworthy.
The only problem is that his jokes aren't funny and hardly understandable.
"This guy is sexy i'm starting to think he's Haytham"

"Your joke was lame. But you still look good. I'm assuming you're Haytham"
by DefinitionOfYOU May 13, 2013

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