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One of the most gruelling of any type of exam, by any standard. Taken in Australia, in the final year of schooling, the HSC determines your UAI, or University Admission Index, and subsequntly, your life.
The English exam(s) alone require the candidate to memorise 16 texts to quote from.

These exams have caused countless teenage suicides, and mass depression in adolescents, which causes excessive drinking and debauchery, and consequently, suspension, lowering the opportunity to learn and succed with this increddibly painful ordeal.

see also assfucker.
Ohhh, christ, Hal, iv'e got the HSC coming up. lets commit suicide together.
by sergeant turdburglar >>> October 24, 2005
A major cause of youth suicide. Occurs over the final year of school for Australian year 12 students and largely involves remembering a fuckload of useless information that will either make or break your life, depending on your ability to remember it. Its a real prick and often incites hatred of not only onself, but teachers, the school and just society in general. A major contributor towards manic depression, drug dependency and insomnia. Students often remark that it leaves them scared for life, unable to stop analysing every film they watch or forgot the lines to Felix Skrzynecki poems (a rather useless poet whose only achievement is to manage to write a series of poems, each with the same theme, which feature various complaints about his parents, country and just his life in general). Likewise, the HSC is directly linked to both an increase in youth binge drinking but also a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and thus global warming.
Person 1: "Wtf, why did that guy just shoot himself?"
Person 2: "Mate, he was in the middle of the HSC!"
Person 1: "Fair call!"
by JamesI09 September 09, 2009
Australian (specifically from the state of New South Wales) Higher School Certificate. A prerequisite for undergraduate students aspiring towards entering into university and uses a ranking system to facilitate in the generation of a UAI (Universities Admissions Index). Rather than allowing individual universities to set specific exams for potential candidates, the HSC centralises the process.
"I hate the HSC, so let me go jerk off and procrastinate"
by Frank November 02, 2003
a reason to kill my-self -_-..
aww man.. my hsc score was sooo low *falls over.. *shakes... *dies...
by AnNa NgUyEn February 25, 2005
HSC or Higher School Certificate, is one cunt of a task, and you can almost guarantee that some fucking Asian will kick the shit out of you at. Although the entire year is culminated in three or four fucking cunt weeks of exams, that is only one bit of it, the whole final year (year 12 in Australia) counts towards your UAI (University Addmissions Index), which is a ranking that you get against the whole of NSW, which basically either makes or breaks your life, depending on whether or not you wish to attend university. It is a major cause of youth suicide, and on the rare occaision that some nip kills himself in the exam hall, that cunt eyed fucker is the most popular person in the room, because you can bet that they are gonna call of the exam after some Asian has just killed himself.
I once heard a story of an Asian who was failing an HSC exam, so he put a pen in each nostril, with the sharp bit pointing at his brain, and he smashed his face against the deask, his pens cam out the other side of his skull.
by Mot Ellivlem February 29, 2008
An acronym for "Human Spontaneous Combustion Syndrome", usually occurring by static electricity sparks igniting articles of clothing without warning. There has been documented occasions of this happening.

Sometimes incorrectly referred to as SHCS ("Spontaneous human combustion syndrome")
My friend's chronic HSCS caused him to burst into flames.
by Eric Gardner October 16, 2007
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