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AKA- Happy Relationship Paranoia

A self-hating paranoia which is formed when one is having a satisfiying relationship, but is afraid to screw-up or wreck the relationship, resulting in fear and instability. Such paranoia often result in the end of a relationship.

"It's when you're in a great relationship, but can't stop worrying that you'll _____ it up or that it's gonna end somehow." comic#254
I'm going out with such a great person, but it's giving me HRP.
by Entak June 02, 2006
Happy Relationship Paranoia
Youre in a great relationship but you can't stop worring that you will screw it up or something will go wrong
"Something wrong but i cant figure out what. It must jut be HRP"
by 8DIM June 09, 2006
honey roasted peanuts. very tasty treats. Can be purchased in 52 oz cans at wholesale store.
"pass me them hrp's son"

"I need some HRP's, give me some peanuts bitch"
by CWGATORS322 February 17, 2008

I group of guys who believe themselves to be "high rollers" dressing in expensive clothes in pursuit of women. Into cars and materialistic things. They think highly of themselves regardless of their true stature. They are mostly seen standing around bars admiring women, however never actually having the balls to approach them.
Hey man lets get the HRP together tonight and pick up some chicks at the bar.

Lets bring some ladies back to the HRP pad.
by fourmilelake November 23, 2010

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