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the long term watching of a movie about a small boy wizard and his magical friends.
Hey guys, are you going to that wicked HPM later on?!
by hollabackgurrrl July 09, 2010
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Man, when I was doing it with that chick my HPM was over a 150, it was hardcore.
by nwillimaster April 26, 2012
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Short for "Humps per minute", H.P.M. is used as a velocity measurement during sex.
"Last night Jill and I had sex at atleast 75 H.P.M. last night"
by GDub420 January 30, 2008
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a group of four dazzling young adults who enjoy cupcakes, puns and sartorialising. usually involves 3 especially good female friends, each of whom are truly fabulous, and one wombat who tags along because he has no other friends.

a hpm is a person, hpm are a group, the hpms are the group.
i'm going out with hpm today
by Snape, Snape, Severus Snape October 08, 2007
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