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the long term watching of a movie about a small boy wizard and his magical friends.
Hey guys, are you going to that wicked HPM later on?!
by hollabackgurrrl July 09, 2010
Short for "Humps per minute", H.P.M. is used as a velocity measurement during sex.
"Last night Jill and I had sex at atleast 75 H.P.M. last night"
by GDub420 January 30, 2008
a group of four dazzling young adults who enjoy cupcakes, puns and sartorialising. usually involves 3 especially good female friends, each of whom are truly fabulous, and one wombat who tags along because he has no other friends.

a hpm is a person, hpm are a group, the hpms are the group.
i'm going out with hpm today
by Snape, Snape, Severus Snape October 08, 2007
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