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Hot Piece of Ass (noun, never an adjective)
Oh my goodness, did you just see that HPA?
by Anna Maria Paola August 13, 2007
29 8
hot point average. it is used to give a average of how hot a group of girls are on a one to ten scale.
Person1-"want to go to the softball game?"
Person2-"nah, im not into softball."
Person1-"neither am i. it just has a really high hpa this year."
Person2-"how high?"
Person1-"eight point five"
Person2-"no way! ive got to see this!"
by Kips of Mud April 30, 2009
9 7
stands for Half Price Appetizers. Refers to the deal at Applebees in which appetizers are half priced after 9 or 10 pm, depending on the location.
I'm fuckin' broke, but I love Applebees nachos! Thank God for HPAs!
by skakid320 February 20, 2008
12 12
An Hispanic Panic Attack.

Mainly when a person of Hispanic heritage hurts themselves, they start shouting... saying this:

Ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey!
Pedro hurt himself and screamed ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey!
by Chanbara June 25, 2004
5 18