a notorious neighborhood in san francisco, arguably the most dangerous in the bay area
by YoungCali August 26, 2003
'Hope Pussy" which means a girl might still be a virgin.
Bro 1: Do you know if ____ is single?
Bro 2: Yeah, I think she is a HP , trying to get at that?
Bro 1:Hell yeah!
by SavageLife123 December 27, 2015
THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BOY OF ALL TIME. often very nerdy and weird-looking during early childhood, but always ends up really turning himself around as he gets older. before you know it, he will have transformed into a cool, gorgeous, amazing guy! a HP is a true catch. hold onto him even if it is in those unfortunate early years that you find yourself with him.
is that REALLY HP? he got so much hotter since the last time i saw him!

yeah that sounds like an HP alright...
by HPLOVER January 14, 2013
1- Horse power, when talking about cars.
2- Hand Phone.
3- Hit Points, used in many videogames, specially Role Playing Games. They represent the character's life.
4-Horny P.I.M.P.
1- Josh:"Maaan, Bugatti Veyron has 1001hp, wtf!?"
Jim:"I bet any1 can get that ride."

2- Kevin:"Mom, pass me the HP, I cbf getting off the couch."
Kevin's mom:" Duuude, it's just on your left."

3-Shnitzel3000:"0m6, what's ur max hp?"
Kenji:"5784.. Urs?"
Shnitzel3000:"I'm not telling u, n00b."
*Kenji deals 2801 dmg to Shnitzel3000.*
Kenji:"Lol, istagibbed."
Shnitzel3000:" Omgawd WTFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Kenji:"No comment."
*Shnitzel3000 has left the server.*

4-Gary: "w00t, did u see that guy? yesterday he screwed 3 girls in that pub."
Fry:"What a freakin' hp.."
Gary:" Agreed."
by Kenjitheninja December 04, 2006
A man who tends to masterbates while taking showers and uses the finishing product as shampoo
GUY 1: Wow Mike sure has been in the shower a long time.

GUY 2: Ugh i know, he must be doing a HP
by austin powers 724 August 19, 2013
A computer such as the "hp pavilion mx90"
OR it could mean hairy penis/pussy
Alex:Hey, dude do you have an HP?

Brandon: yes.

Alex: eww...........
by NOOBchowNOOB April 19, 2009
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