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Health Occupation Students of America
best organization to be in if you are a guy... Male to Female ratio of 1 guy to 5 girls.... at state you stay @ a hotel and it may be educational but its the time of your life
i signed up for a health careers class now i'm part of HOSA
by CBJDOE December 14, 2009
Health Occupation Students of America; a student organization since 1976 that's been helping high school and college kids reach their dreams in the medical world. Competitive events, leadership, and scholarships.
Me: Hey I'm running for president of my school's HOSA chapter

Tran: No way! I remember we came in 5th in our event at nationals last year!

Me: Totally!
by brikkikole August 11, 2010
a "student-led" organization for those pursuing a career in the healthcare field. However, is currently run by money-hungry ass-munchers who seek to retain funds from starving students, only to dictate their every action and putting those in a leadership position (on the state and national level) who will be their little puppets.
She is in HOSA- she thinks she is all that
by DocDocNock December 03, 2008