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A neologism used in real estate advertisement in Chinese context. It is read as "hao bu si ka" in Chinese. In general, it refers to large scale mixed-use or complex development in downtown area. Users of this word assume that it is derived in Western context and erroneously deem France's la Défense as the first HOPSCA in the wrold. Many commercial mixed-use development in China now use this word to symbolize their project as a fashion and international one, which in fact is a Made-In-China.

A translation of Chinese definition of this word: "It has been defined as a integration of hotels, office, ecological park, shopping centers, convention, apartments into a multi-functional, modern and comprehensive city-dimensional spaces. It is the world's most advanced real estate development model"
As development of architectural concept people from the use of a house, to use residential, and then use matching step by upgrading the primitive to mordern and now .HOPSCA could allow residents to use a whole city .
by alanxuan November 28, 2010
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