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Hug, kiss, fuck. As simple as that. I mean, what can be better, huh?
Katherine: Hey, Chris, wanna hook up with me tonight?
Chris: Sure, babe. My place, 7 PM?
Katherine: Perfect.
later that day
Katherine: Hey Chris! So nice to...
HKF (repeat!)
by Monic.69 March 16, 2014
Annie: Dylan! I have to go and do school work.

Dylan: Wait! I have more to say!

Annie: But I have to go!

Dylan: I Love You

Annie: I love you too, Bye

Dylan: HKF!
by RHYTHM BANDIT October 19, 2009
Who fucking cares. Yes Who doesn't start with an H, and Cares doesn't start with a K, and the order of the letters is wrong. But, who fucking cares!
Joe: I just got my BMW detailed today
Bob: H.K.F.
by hkf April 19, 2009
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