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Acronym: How Is This Law School? A rhetorical question used by 1Ls who were expecting a much different experience than the one they received, particularly socially.
Last night I left the Biltmore and ended up humping a stuffed fish for an hour with three guys from Law Review before I came back from my blackout in the woods with no shoes on. I have three firm interviews today. HITLS.
by 1Lofayaer April 16, 2011
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Hitl (v) - To slaughter millions of people due to religious belief; Mass religious lynching.

Hitl (v) - To be a dictator of a country, and possibly start a World War.
Jon: I'm gonna hitl those believers of the FSM and his noodly appendage tomorrow.

Jack: cool story bro
by Urban Missionary November 24, 2010
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