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Stands for Ha Ha, Only Serious (cyber language- to be typed, texted, etc. Like LOL)
Girl 1: John was so creative for Valentine's Day! He's such a great boyfriend!
Girl 2: Awww how cute! You 2 make me so jealous! UGH! I'm so lonely :-/
Girl 1: LOL
Girl 2: HHOS
by *Shan-Mo*8907 November 02, 2008
1)Rhodes' Gas or Brown's Gas (William A Rhodes and Professor Yull Brown)
2)the gas produced after the electrolysis of water (Hydrogen + Hydrogen + Oxygen)
3)Since it contains Hydrogen, it is 3 times more potent than gasoline
4)This is NOT a slang term for Water and is NOT Water Vapor
5)it can be made in any home easily with the proper materials
HHO's Most common reference would be as an additive to a fuel mixture, causing a more explosive mixture with less gasoline, thereby increasing gas mileage.
by Stephen Simon June 02, 2008
1)H. GiggY's number one hit.
2)H2O aka water dumbass
(works for both) I need some HHO, some double H O...
by The one and only January 28, 2004
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