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HH is short for Happy Hour
Hey gals, anyone up for HH on Friday?
by cmw143s October 12, 2009
14 14
short for hand hug: "hand hug: Similar to a high five, except for as soon as your palms touch, you each wrap your thumb around the other's hand."

~ Urban Dictionary entry, by Maggalaggadingdong May 29, 2006
While playing partners pool, I tried to high-five her, and she changed it to an hh.
by elsquid February 07, 2013
431 61
Happy Hour, usually the time frame of 5pm-8pm, when people go out after work to let loose.
Doug: "Where are you going?"
Michelle: HH
Doug: "But it's 11 am."
Michelle: "I'm pregnant"
by Michelle/Doug May 04, 2005
151 88
Half Hour(30 minutes) worth of time, usually seen on a menu for sexual services, as opposed to Full(hour).
Full service GFE:
HH $150
FULL $250
by gooberliberation March 23, 2006
137 83
IRC shorthand for "heh heh". Used when someone makes a comment that is amusing, but not quite LOL.
<jan> i love your scripts, kids
<ben> hh
<twid> hh
<hepkitten> hh
<deimos> hh

by twid June 10, 2003
104 68
short for Heil Hitler. A salute many Germans performed in Nazi Germany. Usually accompanied by the Roman Salute, still in use today by many neo-nazis. Also use 88.
~on MSN or something like that~
Nazi1: HH!
Nazi2: SH!

~In Real Life~

Nazi1: Heil Hitler!
Nazi2: Sieg Heil!
by Your NEWP friend April 13, 2006
145 132
Hat Hot. Somebody (usually a male) who only looks hot with their hat on. Could be balding or just have a strange head.
Rich Harden is totally HH.
by DawgBob April 29, 2010
13 13