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1. Hot Girl Discount
2. A purchase that is given for less than retail value because of the attractiveness, and/or, misleading flirtatiousness of the customer. The encounter very rarely leads to a HGHU (Hot Girl Hook Up.)
3. Hot Guy Discount. Far less frequently occurring than the Hot Girl Discount... Selfish bitches.
4. Free drinks given to a woman by a bartender because of her ability to booty shake, show'em whatcha workin wid or drop it like it's hot.
Marcus: "Why da hell is you at da bar, ho? I jus bought you dis here Alizé."

Destaknee: "That was two hours ago, homeboy. I ain't need nothin from you. This fine ass bartender made me draanks, I drunk'em. I gave him a wink, he winked back, and when I gots my check it was only a dolla thirty-sebn. Holla at yo bitch! I got me an HGD, n***a. Now, imma do me and you do you."

(Destaknee walks away)

Marcus: "Damn. . . I ludat stupit ho."
by Jeannas November 29, 2012
acronym meaning Happy Game Day

said by sports players on a day that they have a game or match
"hey dude HGD!!"
"HGD bro, ready to get that W"
by 8675309999 May 09, 2016
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