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n. Half Gallon Challenge or Half Gal Chal; an event where small group of passionate individuals dedicated to finishing a half gallon of liquor do so in a timely manner. Team members take shots, one after another, until the handle is empty.

Half Gallon Challenges can consist of a team racing the clock to set a PR or multiple teams racing against each other.

Common group sizes range from 5-8 people (6-10 shots per person) and average times usually land in the 5-7 minute range. However, it is rumored that some teams have recorded times as low as 2:30.

Any liquor will do, but a common beverage of choice is a spiced rum. Its nectar like qualities allow for barrage of shots in a small amount of time without causing severe illness among participants. Braver souls have been known to attempt harsher liquors, including tequilas, whiskeys and gins.

v. to participate in a Half Gal Chal

Immediately after last night's HGC, Dob blacked out.

I am going to HGC and then see where the night takes me.
by FratOut December 03, 2008
the Honors Gentlemen's Club, established in 2010. Inducts only the most prestigious individuals to grace one's college campus. HGC activities include philosophical discussion, bracketology, and dominating intramural sporting leagues, specifically basketball. The Honors Gentlemen's Club is in accordance with its' brothering fraternity Beta Rho Omega (BRO).
Q. Bro, did you see the results of last night's intramural game?

A. Hell yes man, those HGC guys kicked ass.
by hgc330 November 17, 2010
Hot Girl Count

The ratio of hot girls in a group, to the total number of girls.

3:9 = 33.3%

1:2 = 50%

2:2 = 100%

Person 1: "Did you see that group of girls at the bar? Their HGC was through the roof!"
by Yournameisalreadybeingusedbys February 17, 2012
The Hanover Gentlemen's Club is a club that was established in 2009. It is a club that first began in Hanover, Virginia and has now spread across multiple states. The organization focuses on the art of being able to pick up any woman they see. Anyone who is not able to do that is not let into the organization.
Bob: Dude that guy just walked out of the bar with the 2 hottest chicks here, and he just met them!
Adam: He's HGC bro. They get whatever they want.
by theryanking804 March 24, 2011

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