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1 definition by FratOut

n. Half Gallon Challenge or Half Gal Chal; an event where small group of passionate individuals dedicated to finishing a half gallon of liquor do so in a timely manner. Team members take shots, one after another, until the handle is empty.

Half Gallon Challenges can consist of a team racing the clock to set a PR or multiple teams racing against each other.

Common group sizes range from 5-8 people (6-10 shots per person) and average times usually land in the 5-7 minute range. However, it is rumored that some teams have recorded times as low as 2:30.

Any liquor will do, but a common beverage of choice is a spiced rum. Its nectar like qualities allow for barrage of shots in a small amount of time without causing severe illness among participants. Braver souls have been known to attempt harsher liquors, including tequilas, whiskeys and gins.

v. to participate in a Half Gal Chal

Immediately after last night's HGC, Dob blacked out.

I am going to HGC and then see where the night takes me.
by FratOut December 03, 2008