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short for "home for infinite losers" A term loosely used in Dragon Ball Z during the cell saga. A version of hell.
what in the HFIl are you doing here Vegita?!
by Maura(A.K.A: The Dark One) June 11, 2007
In the Anime "Dragonball Z" a pair of demons who manage hell have t-shirts that say "Hell" on them

In the censored, Americanized version by Funimation, these shirts have been edited to say "HFIL" which stands for Home for Infinite Losers"

HFIL has since been used to express disdain at poor or unwanted Americanization, especially of Japanese animation.
What the HFIL did they do to the English version of this movie? It sucks!
by desSpark August 04, 2009
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