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Hoes Don't Know. a simple way of letting people know that hoes don't know.

its true hoes don't know nothing
snoop: aye nephew whats good.
nephew: trying to holla at this girl but she being a hoe
snoop: well you know HDK. Hoes Dont Know!
by man hail nah cuhh September 21, 2009
"High, don't know."

Used in place of idk ("I don't know") when the reason you do not know something is a direct result of being high. It generally implies that you actually do know, but are too lazy to give it enough thought to remember.
Sam: What was the name of that band we just saw before we smoked this marijuana?
Joe: hdk, "The Rivets" or "Five Rivers" or "Space Remote" or something...
by highmynameisjoe October 06, 2011