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'Heavy-Duty Cutie' (acronym): 1. Short-hand 'call sign' for a person having exceptionaly adorable and endearing qualities. baby's laughing, baby cows, LOL cats, kittens, and your baby-cousin are all CUTE; HDC-level cuteness renders such cuteness rude and abrupt by comparison.

2. a woman who exhibits un-paralleled HDC-type cuteness as a matter of course, like she doesn't even try, also called 'special k', or 'supergirl', or 'stace'
#cutie #qt #babe #hottie #robo-babe
by bdp01 July 23, 2010
High Dick Count - A woman with more than a desirable number of sexually partners in her lifetime.
I don't need no shorty with a HDC. I need me a shorty that has not smashed all my friends and potential friends!
#sex #wifey #potential #woman #shorty
by JustOneMe September 24, 2010
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