*Home Box Office.

*Help a Brotha Out.
"HBO made a kick-ass Spawn cartoon back in '97."

"Aw shit homey, HBO!"
"Yeah man good channel."
"No dumbass, our brotha is getting his ass kicked!"
by Dave January 25, 2005
A silent reaper. By day, it shows movies that we all love! By night, it's a porn channel!
Someone was trying to see if he can watch an R-rated, bloody movie on HBO when his wife and kids were asleep. A show about a whorehouse started playing.

He started jacking off to it.

He is now divorced.
by TheNightReaper October 24, 2009
It's not television.
What? Well it isn't!
by RP October 11, 2004
Honey Bunches of Oats.
Yeah, I only eat HBO's
by AJ Blaze January 18, 2011
The HBO was hidden under the Sphinx's paw.
by Mr.Zogrebginald August 19, 2013
an acronym for Head Blown Off.

Occurs when a woman is giving the best head ever and the man comes so hard it shoots all the way down into her belly.

A flattering nickname that all started with Misty's first experience with performing fellatio.
Have you ever met Misty? She is a real HBO kinda woman.
by the original HBO February 12, 2013
horrible body odor; really smelly
thomas' hbo got him sent home
by daeron b January 06, 2010

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