What moronic people mistake for HP = Harry Potter.
George: Oh, look. It's Betty's birthday. I'm going to write on her Facebook wall hb!
Marilyn: Harry Potter?!?!
by Shabbos Buddy April 09, 2010
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A hot bitch. A girl 7.5+
"Yo, check out that HB!"

A: Man, Beckie is so hot.
M: Yeah, she's definitely an HB.
by HB Authority December 06, 2006
Hot Babe
On a scale of 1-10, a 7.5+
see also SHB
Tyra Banks is definitely an HB
by Spit Blood April 16, 2003
HB also stands for Hurry Back. This is commonly used to Hurry someone Back when leaving a chat room for a while
see ya, Duke. hb
by kneekoo May 03, 2003
An abbreviation for happy birthday. Appears most often on facebook.
(on facebook wall) hb
by batman123456 June 25, 2009
How lazy people say Happy Birthday!
HB, dude!

Dude: TY!
by Manu Mano January 31, 2011
Hurry Back
(While playing in a virtual world)
A: Sorry, I gtg to real life for a while :(
B: HB !
by belldandy_1234 February 16, 2010
Happy Beginning
I went for a massage and got a HB (Happy Beginning) instead of a HE (Happy Ending).
by baseballnut July 10, 2013

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