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The act of someone either shaking your had or giving you change froma store where they purpously go out of their way to moleste, as if fingering you, the palm of your had. A rather creepy and violated feeling.
Sue: I met Tim at the party the other night and when he shook my hand he sorta finger fucked my palm

Jen: Oh my you were hand raped
by Deeshady November 21, 2007
The act of using one's significant other's hand (while they're sleeping) to jack off.
Holy shit! My boyfriend hand raped me!
by DCTx2008 October 26, 2008
Act of inserting partner's (or other's) hand down your pants in order for them to play with you and not allowing the release of the hand by pushing your stomach out to 'lock' their hand in place. An act of hand rape. Hours of ceaseless amusement, unless aggressive, unprovoked resistance measures taken.
Well your not cooking, or washing or anything, might as well make good use of what God's given you....why don't you hand rape me?
by Dr Psyko November 30, 2013
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